Note: Slide #5 shows this video w/the caption "Playing or Working?"

Additional Resources-
Iconic Pattern Play-
Iconic Pattern Play article by Dr. Henry Olds, Jr. and Dr. Walter F. Drew
Patterns with Pixie 2 video of Dr. Henry Olds "Kids, Cameras, Creativity and Cognition"
Pattern Play Project Dr. Olds' website with examples
Institute for Self Active Education- ISAE Dr. Walter Drew's site
Pixie software free 30-day trial, NOTE: If you want to begin without creating your own pattern pieces, there is a "pattern play" folder in the Pixie stickers. It is located inside the "objects" folder.

Scratch website projects, tutorials, resources
Download scratch free software download
Lifelong Kindergarten at MIT Media Lab further reading and information

Fantastic Contraption online physics puzzle game
Fantastic Contraption 2 seems that there has been an upgrade to a newer version of the fantastic contraptions game, with more features. Both versions start with a helpful tutorial introduction to the game and the different building blocks for the contraptions. I recommend not skipping the tutorial. Beware the ads.

Whizzball on website build and solve puzzles. You do have to "sign in," with only a name. Warning: The puzzles are named by their creators, and some of the names use some not very nice words.
Lego Digital Designer

Additional resources on creativity and play:

Thinking Creatively- Inventing the Possible wiki from Linda Nitsche's presentation on creativity in schools, Educon 2.2
Play=Learning -Benefits of Play
Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills: NPR story